What to do if you lose your car keys and have no spare

Looking for lost car keys can be exhausting, from searching under couch cushions and inside drawers to retracing your steps and trying to remember where you must have gone with the precious item. Have no fear, however, as there are a few tips and tricks to ensure you never lose sight of your set of car keys again. Purchasing a key finder will allow you to locate them fast before the frantic search ensues! Key finders attach right onto your keyring, and when connected to an app on your cell phone, they can track their exact location on a map or make an audible sound allowing you to pinpoint them in even the trickiest of hiding spots quickly. Otherwise, having an exclusively designated space where you put your keys every night following coming home is also an excellent strategy for permanently avoiding this dilemma. So if ever misfortune befalls you and leaves your crucial car key gone, follow these simple steps!

I lost my car keys, what do I do? With lost car keys and no spare, there are some particular things you must be aware of to get a new set of car keys.

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