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The future of consumer shopping.

The future store will be omnichannel and experience-rich and will fuse the physical and digital worlds. The store as we know it will continue to develop. An open-ended journey towards all things digital and the impact of modern retailing giants such as Amazon will continue to drive innovation in physical and digital retail areas. Even strides made by businesses in other areas, such as Uber’s pioneering ease-of-payment model, have implications for the store experience. They instill in customers an expectation for digital solutions in all phases of their consumption. You’ll have to meet customers where they are, whether through a website, on a smartphone, in a brick-and-mortar store, on Instagram or Pinterest, or through third-party partners such as product subscription boxes and delivery services. Businesses that can’t reimagine their in-store products and services in the digital sphere will be left far behind. As these changes quicken, the separation between retailers and manufacturers is growing dimmer, and the direct-to-consumer (D2C) path is growing more crowded. Parts of the customer market’s value chain are frequently intertwined, and more than one player is wooing the consumer. Manufacturers have long wanted to leapfrog their direct partners.

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